Car Accidents


Residents of southern California are often required to drive long distances to work and back. For many driving is necessary to their work. Streets and freeways are heavily traveled during the day and during off hours. An unfortunate consequence is the number of car accidents which occur on a daily basis. Under California personal injury law, a person who has been injured in an auto accident because of another’s negligence can file a claim for damages against the at-fault driver. In order to recover damages it is very important to work with a personal injury attorney who is highly experienced and has a long record of success.

Negligent drivers can cause accidents in any number of ways, such as:

Not all auto accidents are caused by a driver. Some vehicles are dangerous to drive because of a defective design or manufacturing defects. Defective automotive components may also be dangerous, such as accelerators which stick or tires which suddenly blow out. Improperly constructed or dangerous roads can also cause accidents. Tens of thousands of injuries from automotive accidents occur every year in California. Many of those injured do not recover damages because they fail to act in time to get competent legal representation. Anyone who has been injured in an accident is strongly advised to take action quickly to select a respected car accident lawyer who is passionate about recovering full damages for an injured person.

The legal team at the firm understands what a traumatic experience a car accident is and how stressful life can become during the healing process. The firm is here to help you with your claim so that you can begin to put your life back together. The auto accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Berriz Law Group are dedicated to ensuring the success of your claim for damages. Call our office for a consultation today!



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