Alfonso & Berriz, APC Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“All I wanted was for the other driver to pay my medical bills. After retaining Alfonso & Berriz, APC, I got all my bills paid, the earnings I lost, my car fixed, car rental, and extra money for future medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering. This was more than I thought possible.”

“I couldn’t believe it. Every time I called my attorney at Alfonso & Berriz, APC, I actually spoke to one of them. If they were out of the office, one of the attorneys would return my call within 24 hours. I never thought attorneys would be so responsive and always so willing and available to talk to me about my case.”

“I didn’t think I had a case. After Alfonso & Berriz, APC agreed to take my case, they launched an investigation, developed a legal theory, and went after the responsible company. It took a long time and Alfonso & Berriz, APC really worked hard to make the insurance company give me a lot of money-the money I deserved.”

“I had never been in an accident before so I called Alfonso & Berriz, APC. I didn’t have health insurance and had no idea how I would pay for my medical bills. They came to the hospital and told me all I had to worry about was getting better. They kept the hospital and ambulance bills off my back. They arranged for my medical care and even the surgery I needed. Alfonso & Berriz, APC got the doctors to treat me and the bills were paid after the case was settled. I was never out of pocket any money and got a great settlement because of their great work.”

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