Concussions occur as a result of head injuries sustained in a broad range of incidents such as car accidents, slip and fall accidents, sports, assault and many others. People who suffer from concussions may experience an immediate loss of consciousness and other symptoms that follow more gradually such as headaches, memory loss, dizziness and more. Many concussion victims may not identify their head injuries right away, and could experience symptoms for weeks or months before seeking treatment. Those who have suffered from concussions in accidents caused by another’s negligence may be eligible to receive financial compensation for any damages suffered as a result of the injury, and should seek the professional advice of a Ventura County personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.


Since concussions can be caused through a wide variety of physical trauma to the head, it is impossible to identify a set time frame for recovery. Some people can recover from their injuries within days, while others may suffer the effects for months at a time. Some concussion victims may suffer from mild symptoms and complications, while others may experience very severe negative impacts from their injuries. Those who are able to have the injuries diagnosed quickly can begin recovering sooner, and will have the best opportunity for a recovery.

Concussions can cause a litany of complications in those who suffer from them. Persistent headaches, dizziness or other aches can increase stress, cause distraction and have latent effects in terms of personality changes or problem-solving skills. It is not uncommon for concussion victims to miss work due to their injuries, and these costs among others should be the responsibility of the liable party. The Law Offices of Berriz Law Group have dedicated 20 years of professional legal counsel to concussion and other personal injury victims, and we will work hard to provide you with the best possible opportunity for success in financial compensation.

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