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All motor vehicle accident claims present certain challenges, especially when it comes to proving negligence such as drunk or distracted driving, falling asleep at the wheel or speeding. However, when the at-fault driver flees and cannot be found, the well-being, if not the lives of victims, are at stake.

Hit-and-run is a serious crime that has equally serious consequences. Drivers must remain at the scene and provide necessary information to the police officer. More importantly, they must also provide assistance to anyone who is injured or call 911. However, a driver leaving an accident requires us to pursue justice for our clients.

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When the responsible party cannot be found, legal options become limited. However, the emotional and financial burdens on our clients do not change just because the responsible party left the scene of an accident. The attorneys at Berriz Law Group are committed to overcoming the obstacles that prevent our clients from receiving the compensation they deserve.

Any type of car accident is traumatic. Our focus is on employing strategies to maximize compensation. In hit-and-run accidents, we pursue claims against our clients’ own insurance provider. Uninsured motorist coverage provides a possible source of compensation from their own insurance provider.

Regardless of the steps we take to provide peace of mind, we are dedicated and passionate in our efforts toward maximizing compensation. We pride ourselves on our unwavering drive to fight for your future.

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