Negligence occurs when an individual makes irresponsible decisions, or irresponsibly makes no decisions in a situation which results in a serious accident as a consequence. Corporate negligence is similar, and occurs when a company or business fails to act responsibly in a situation by making the right decisions. If an individual or corporation is found to be liable for a person’s injuries due to negligent action, or inaction, then they may be responsible for covering the costs associated with the injury. These costs can include financial compensation via coverage for surgeries, rehabilitation and physical therapy, medications, wages lost due to inability of the victim to work and more.


Proving negligence in court can be very difficult without the help of a skilled Ventura personal injury attorney or Los Angeles personal injury attorney who understands how to effectively show negligence on the part of the accused. Your legal counsel will also be able to provide you with proper guidance in the preparation stages, in terms of keeping journals of your injuries and hardships after the accident, any visits with healthcare professionals, difficulties at work that stem from injuries and other documentation to support your claim. Moreover, a competent attorney may be able to confidently state the proof for negligence in such a way as to provide compelling reasons to assign liability to the proper party.

The attorneys at Alfonso & Berriz, APC we have represented the interests of many personal injury victims throughout Ventura and California for the past 20 years. Our attorneys will take the time to meet with each and every client in order to build the best possible case based on real information gathered from eye-witness accounts and other evidence. We have over 47 years of combined legal experience and have represented virtually every imaginable personal injury case to a successful conclusion, whether by settlement or judgment.

Contact a personal injury attorney if you have suffered an injury at the hands of another person’s negligence and would like to discuss your legal options with a seasoned professional.

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