Products Falling From Shelves


We have all noticed the trend that has drawn customers away from small independently owned grocery, hardware or other specialty stores and toward big box stores. These giant businesses are present in every city in the United States. While these stores generally do offer better prices and allow us to buy anything from toothpaste to big screen TVs in one stop, incidents involving falling products have increased causing many people to be needlessly injured. The problem is that massive big box stores rely on extensive shelving, often multiple layers of shelving extending more than 25 feet upward. The items that can be stored on these high shelves can be extremely heavy. For example, if a customer an aisle over accidentally pushes over case of 24 bottled water into your aisle while attempting to retrieve an item from a high shelf, you could be struck by a falling 30 pound case of water. This is serious and can cause severe injuries.

An incident of a product falling from a shelf and striking a customer is far more serious than it seems. Under premises liability law, retailers have a legal responsibility to ensure that they provide a hazard free environment; this includes proper and safe shelving. If you have been injured by a product falling from a shelf, it is important that you contact a Ventura County or Los Angeles personal injury attorney at your first opportunity. Being struck by a falling object puts you at great risk of suffering a concussion or potentially a back and spine injury. Our resourceful and reliable firm may be able to help you fight for full compensation for your injuries.


Cases involving falling products can be very complicated. Rest assured that we do not shy away from difficult cases. We care about our clients and we are driven to achieve the results you are looking for. Our energetic lawyers will methodically investigate your accident, document your injuries, interview witnesses and ensure that all filing deadlines are met. We are well-versed in these cases and we will vigorously pursue maximum compensation for you.

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